Collaboration with West Elm Denver for the Summer Entertaining event. I was asked to create tablescapes on a budget using all West Elm merchandise and to speak with guests about entertaining and lifestyle philosophies.
For the long table, I used Euphorbia plants to create texture and monochromatic impact. For the small two-top table, I floated ranunculus and chamomile.
My presentation included talking points on honoring environment and season, bringing the indoors out and developing one’s entertaining style & sensibility.
I also created mocktail recipes; my favorite being the “Fizzy Honey Citrus“:
* 24 oz Pineapple Juice
* Up to 2 teaspoons of locally sourced Honey
* 24 oz (2 bottles) Izze Sparkling Grapefruit
* 10-20 drops Dram Honey Chamomile Bitters

Add rum to convert from mocktail to cocktail
Serves 8-10

Photography: Selah Photography