My passion is making celebrations, environments, experiences, and projects more beautiful. I like to think of myself as a visual curator, bringing together a collection of beautiful things under the umbrella of one project or event.
I have a professional background in non-profit and corporate project management, client relationship management, and event production. I started this business in 2008 after planning my own wedding, and finding that it was the ideal medium for my professional skills and creativity.


It is the notion that a lifestyle can be designed with certain philosophies of living in mind and that we can make our lives more beautiful through good design. Please see the “Philosophy” page to read more about the principles that guide my design process.


I have studied metalsmithing, letterpress, floral design, screen printing, paper making, and also learned how to play a xylophone in West Africa. Encountering different artistic mediums has influenced my creative perspective and allowed me to design with both structure and imagination.
I am in love with the details. I believe they unlock the senses and invite us in to warmly experience an environment. Place, space, and season all serve as platforms through which we experience beauty. I design with this in mind and strive to honor the organic nature of things while incorporating an understated elegance and relaxed sophistication.
After calling Chicago home for eleven years, I appreciate the complex inspiration of urban environments. A city is a faceted collection of purveyors bringing together artful goods that inspire us to live more beautifully. I strive to embody that spirit in the work I do by establishing relationships with artisans and talented vendors. Making the right connections for projects is one of the keys to successful design.